Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigating the Effect of Fossil Fuel Consumption on Health Expenditures with Emphasizes on the Role of Per Capita Income    M.Sc.    Afnan Alwaeli    1400/11/19
2    The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Financial Transmission of Parallel Markets (OECD selected countries)    M.Sc.    noor aldalboohi    1400/11/18
3    Evaluating the Impacts of Balance of Payments Variables Shock on Selected Macroeconomic Variables Using FAVAR Model    Ph.D    morteza cheshti    1400/07/25
4    An Investigation to the Threshold Exchange rate Pass Through to Consumer Price Indexs , Import and Export in Iran    Ph.D    seyedmahdi pezham    1399/07/30
5    Studying the Factors of Probability of Default on Payable Facilities of AIB Bank in Herat, Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Mohammad Hasan Mohammadi    1398/11/19
6    An investigation of the effects of US monetary and financial variables on OPEC return volatilities using GARCH-MIDAS approach    M.Sc.    Bahare Ramezanian    1398/06/30
7    Investigation of the Nonlinear Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate in the Iran    M.Sc.    niloofar afkhami rad    1398/06/30
8    Analysis of the Impact of Earthquake on Economic Growth: By System Dynamic Approach (Case Study: Tehran)    Ph.D    mitra seyedzadeh    1398/06/26
9    Forecasting Volatility of Gold Coin Price in Iran by using Stochastic Volatility and GARCH Models    M.Sc.    nasime panahi    1398/06/13
10    The Impact of Energy Consumption inTransport and Foreign Direct Investment on Co2 Emission in The Selected MENA Countries    M.Sc.    samaneh sheybanifar    1397/06/21
11    Investigating the Impact of Economic and Social Infrastructure on Employment in Iran during 1979 to 2014    M.Sc.    ramin jafari    1396/03/30
12    The study of volatility and shock spillovers of the rate of return between the foreign exchange market, chemical products, and petroleum products stock markets in Iran during the years of 1390 to 1395    M.Sc.    mosayeb hosseine    1396/03/17
13    The study of gold futures Market as a hedge against the stock market in Iran    M.Sc.    maliheh zarindel hosseinabad    1395/11/27
14    The Study of Effective Factors on Energy Consumption and Forecasting by Kalman filter in Iran's Economy    M.Sc.    Sara Shafieian    1395/09/16
15    The study of volatility spillover of return rate among stock, gold and foreign currency markets in Iran during 2011 to 2014    M.Sc.    Niloufar Sadat Hosseinioun    1394/11/04
16    The study and Comparison of the effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) and per capita income on energy intensity in selected oil-exporting and importing countries.    M.Sc.    mohammad sadegh adibian    1394/06/31
17    The Effect of Inflation Uncertainty on the Mellat Bank Profitability    M.Sc.    mahnaz ooraman    1394/05/05
18    The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Commodity Trade between Iran and China    M.Sc.    safieh najaf zadeh    1393/10/17
19    The Study of Effective Factors on Tax Revenue Gap in Iran    M.Sc.    Mohammad Reza Barakchian    1393/08/20
20    The study of oil price effects on the terms of trade in Iran    M.Sc.    mehrangiz lekzian    1393/06/31