Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Foreign Direct Investment effect on Labor Demand in MENA Countries            0000-00-00
2    Foreign direct investment and economic growth: an evidence from Southern Asia            0000-00-00
3    The effect of globalization on the economic convergence of Non-Aligend Movement member countries            0000-00-00
4    The relationship between Renewable energy consumption and gross domestic product in the North of Europe            0000-00-00
5    Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Islamic Banking Industry            0000-00-00
6    The Effect of Trade Openness on the Relation of Oil Resource Abundance and Economic Growth :A Selection of Oil Exporting Countries    M.Sc.    moradi, elahe    2012-11-11
7    the survey of property right effect on investment in the middle east countries    M.Sc.    Kafi Emami, Kameh    2013-05-11
8    The study of oil price effects on the terms of trade in Iran    M.Sc.    lekzian, mehrangiz    2013-07-02
9    The study of knowledge based economics convergence between rich and poor provinces in Iran: via HDI    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Raheleh    2013-07-09
10    Investigating the Relationship Between Endowment of Oil Resources, and Human Development in Selected Oil Exporting Countries    M.Sc.    Salimifar, Mohammad    2013-10-15
11    The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Commodity Trade between Iran and China    M.Sc.    najaf zadeh, safieh    2014-02-09
12    The Study of Effective Factors on Tax Revenue Gap in Iran    M.Sc.    Barakchian, Mohammad Reza    2014-02-23
13    The effects of globalization on firms performance in selected countries of Asia    M.Sc.    haghi, sepide    2014-03-08
14    The Effect of Exchange Rate on Investment in the Different Sectors of Iran’s Economy by Co-integration Technique (2012-1979)    M.Sc.    afroozi, fariba    2014-04-20
15    the survey of the role of political-juridical(legal) institutions in financial development in selected developing countries: evidence from dynamic panel data    M.Sc.    ghorbannia, banafsheh    2014-05-05
16    The study and Comparison of the effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) and per capita income on energy intensity in selected oil-exporting and importing countries.    M.Sc.    adibian, mohammad sadegh    2014-07-15
17    An Investigation Of Relationship Between Overconfidence And Financial Restatment    M.Sc.    ahmad nia bagh abbas, marjan    2014-08-05
18    The Effect of Inflation Uncertainty on the Mellat Bank Profitability    M.Sc.    ooraman, mahnaz    2014-09-10
19    The study of volatility spillover of return rate among stock, gold and foreign currency markets in Iran during 2011 to 2014    M.Sc.    Hosseinioun, Niloufar Sadat    2014-12-02
20    The Study of oil price fluctuations effects on income distribution in Iran during 1969-2012    M.Sc.    shojaee, atiyeh    2015-05-11
21    The study of causality relationship between money, quasi money and real GDP in Iran    M.Sc.    tashakori, marjan    2015-07-21
22    Effect of exchange rate on attracting tourists in selected countries in the MENA period - 1995 to 2014    M.Sc.    poornamdar, hosein    2015-12-22
23    Studying the Probability of Default on Payable Facilities of The First Micro Finance Bank in Herat, Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Mohammad Sadeq    2016-01-20
24    The Analysis of Earthquake effect on Economic Growth: System Dynamics Approach    Ph.D    seyedzadeh, mitra    2016-01-26
25    The study of gold futures Market as a hedge against the stock market in Iran    M.Sc.    zarindel hosseinabad, maliheh    2016-03-05
26    Effect of information asymmetry, lack of liquidity of the stock and ownership structure (concentration) on the accuracy of earnings forecast    M.Sc.    Zolfaghari, Ali    2016-03-08
27    The effective factors on the proportion of medicine consumption in the basket of goods for the households under coverage of services of social security organization in Mashhad    M.Sc.    kusha, rabeh    2016-03-15
28    Investigating the Impact of Economic and Social Infrastructure on Employment in Iran during 1979 to 2014    M.Sc.    jafari, ramin    2016-04-16
29    Investigation of performance tax quality and Value added tax of expression, diagnostic and certain of individuals    M.Sc.    mahboo bi, javad    2016-04-19
30    The Study of Effective Factors on Energy Consumption and Forecasting by Kalman filter in Iran's Economy    M.Sc.    Shafieian, Sara    2016-05-09
31    The Effects of Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Shock on the Stock Market in Iran (1991-2014)    M.Sc.    hosseinian, golara    2016-05-24
32    Investigation of the effect of urban residential density on fuel consumption in the transport sector in the Iran provinces    M.Sc.    shafiey tavandary, fateme    2016-06-28
33    The Impact of Energy Consumption inTransport and Foreign Direct Investment on Co2 Emission in The Selected MENA Countries    M.Sc.    sheybanifar, samaneh    2016-07-03
34    Determining and providing a suitable method for financing of old texture around the holy shrine of Imam Reza with an emphasis on the financing of public and residential projects.    Ph.D    jafarzadeh najjar, morteza    2016-07-03
35    The study of volatility spillover of OPEC oil price in the stock price index of petroleum company    M.Sc.    dehghan tanha, sahar    2016-07-05
36    Investigating the effects of corporate social responsibility,risk and corporate governance on cash holdings    M.Sc.    Delpasand, Azam    2016-12-18
37    The study of volatility and shock spillovers of the rate of return between the foreign exchange market, chemical products, and petroleum products stock markets in Iran during the years of 1390 to 1395    M.Sc.    hosseine, mosayeb    2017-01-01
38    Investigating the Effect of employees' empowerment on Bank Profitability with the Mediating Role of Service Quality in the Banking Industry of Naserieh, Iraq    M.Sc.    ajel, sadeq thamer    2017-04-16
39    Investigating the possibility of regime change in the rate of returns on the stock market of oil products in Iran from 2012 to 2017 (the Markov Switching Model)    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, habibeh    2017-06-18
40    The estimation of Iran’s Industrial, Agriculture and Residential Electricity Demand Function (Kalman Filter Approach)    M.Sc.    jalaeianghasemzadeh, masomeh    2017-06-18
41    The study of the real exchange rate nonlinear behavior in Iran    M.Sc.    afkhami rad, niloofar    2017-07-01
42    The study of rate of return and trading volume volatility regimes and the shocks effects on their fluctuations in the Iranian petrochemical stock between 2011 to 2016 using Markov switching model and GARCH model    M.Sc.    asarifar, kimia    2017-07-11
43    An Investigation to the Threshold Exchange rate Pass Through to Consumer Price Indexs ، Import and Export in Iran    Ph.D    pezham, seyedmahdi    2017-08-21
44    The Study of Regime Shifting and Forcasting Stocks Returns of Iran Khodro and Saipa Companies Using Markov-Switching Models during 1387 to 1396    M.Sc.    aliasghari, vida    2017-12-31
45    The effect of air pollution on private and public health expenditures in Islamic Republic of Iran’s Development Vision Countries    M.Sc.    jahantabinezhad, azadeh    2018-07-08
46    Forecasting OPEC's oil price based on US monetary and financial variables - Garch Midas Approach    M.Sc.    Ramezanian, Bahare    2018-07-17
47    The role of human development in the impact of population density, per capita income and openness of the economy on the environment    M.Sc.    sharifi, zahra    2018-08-14